Let Us Handle Your Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Needs

Maintenance Detail

Mid-Size/sedans and small SUVs - $65

Full-Size / 3-row SUVs / Trucks - $85

1-2 hours

  • Hand Wash
  • Vacuum floorboards, mats, seats and trunk.
  • Clean rim face and tires
  • Tire dressing
  • Ceramic spray wax
  • Glass cleaned
  • Wipe down doors, dash, and door panels.


Hand Wash & Interior Detail

Mid-size/sedans and small SUVs - $140

Full-size / 3-row SUVs / trucks - $160

 2.5 - 3- hours

  • Hand wash and decon
  • Blow out vents, nooks, and crannies with compressed air
  • Vacuum floorboards, mats, seats and trunk
  • Clean cup holders, dash, door panels, and door jambs
  • Clean rims, wheel barrels and tires
  • Tire dressing
  • Window cleaning exterior and interior
  • (6) month sealant protection
  • Anti-glare UV protection on all hard surfaces
  • Clean Leather and condition leather
  • Clean inside gas cap
  • Spot clean headliner, and cloth seats


Everything in the Supreme package plus:

Mid-Size/sedans and small SUVs - $200

Full-Size / 3-row SUVs / trucks - $225

4 – 5 hours

  • Clay bar (Removes tree sap, built up containments)
  • Steam clean vents, seats, and headliner


Everything in Supreme, Premium package plus:

Mid-Size/sedans and small SUVs - $300

Full-Size / 3-row SUVs / trucks - $350

5 – 6 hours

  • Pet hair and stain removal
  • Heated (210 degree) carpet Extractor. Floor boards, seats, mats shampooed.

Exterior Only

Hand wash

1.5 - 2 hrs 

Mid-Size/sedans and small SUVs - $79

Full-Size / 3-row SUVs / trucks - $99

  • Foam cannon
  • Exterior wash 2-bucket method
  • Gyeon Q2 Wax 6 months protection
  • Wipe down the interior door jambs
  • Carpro Dark side tires dressing
  • Exterior windows cleaned

Ceramic Coating

Base Prices:

C6 Hydro Lite

Call for a quote.

10 Hours +

Prices will vary based on vehicle size and paint correction.

Our base price includes wash, iron fall out, clay bar, and two-stage compound and polish that removes swirl marks and minor scratches.

The longevity of the product for our base price is 6 years.

2 - 5 year coatings are available as well.


  • Shampoo seats (per seat) - $40
  • Engine bay detail - $60
  • Shampoo (per mat) - $15
  • Interior sanitation/decontamination - kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses - $70 and up
  • Water spot removal windows/windshield (extended sunroof $26 extra) - $86 and up
  • Headlight restoration $95/ pair

Auto Detailing

Divine Detail can service your vehicle at your home or office, bringing all the equipment and products to restore your vehicle to its original beauty. We use a spot-free system, a deionized water filtration system that enables us to wash your vehicle with professional results. This method enables us to wash vehicles in the sun. For a gentle thorough wash, Divine Detail uses specially formulated products to ensure a proper finish each time.

With our many years of auto detailing experience, we use only the finest products to optimize the perfect results. Protect your investment and contact Divine Detail today to set up an appointment for auto detailing or to set up monthly account service or fleet services. Discounts will be applied to recurring customers.